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In a world of constant change, AVENYR offers a different approach to consulting. We are not conventional corporate consultants who focus on generic strategies and offer template solutions. Instead, we work closely with you because you know best what can work for your company. We listen in order to actively shape changes. Our approach combines technical expertise with diverse experience in startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large corporations. We are not theorists – we implement, we shape the future.

We do what we teach. Experience the AVENYR Company Evolution Strategy.

For Departments, Teams and Projects of Corporations.

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You want to implement lean work processes?

You want to sustainably develop knowledge within your organization?

You want to get rid of the burden of grown processes.

You want the introduction of new technologies to provide you real added value?

You need insights, partners, and standards for your mobility concepts?

You want to make use of the experience from the automotive industry for your mobility concepts?

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