AVENYR's purpose is...

to create an open-minded and trustworthy environment, in which the ideas and visions of our customers, employees, and partners bring future mobility to life.

Our Guidelines

This is how AVENYR approaches their Partners and Employees.

Business Partners

  • With the goal of sustainable partnerships, we meet customers, suppliers, and cooperation partners in a respectful manner and at eye level.
  • We create trust through transparency and a collaborative approach.
  • We present ourselves to our partners in a professional and innovative manner.
  • We take interest in our business partners and strive for added value for all parties.
  • We want to spark enthusiasm through commitment and passion.


  • Managers see themselves as leaders. They challenge and motivate, ask questions and encourage, assign responsibility, give honest feedback, inspire, admit their own mistakes and weaknesses, and embody the company values.
  • As a team, leaders and employees are always guided by the company’s mission and strategy.
  • Leaders are constantly striving to harmonize employee preferences and potential with the interests of the company.
  • Leaders encourage their employees’ personal responsibility and provide them with creative scope.
  • Leaders ensure that each employee can recognize their contribution to the overall success of the company.

Management Board

  • The management board ensures a clear purpose (Purpose – What is AVENYR for) and a clear identity (Culture – What does AVENYR stand for).
  • The management board acts with foresight and broad vision, providing the company with orientation and consistency through overriding strategic goals.
  • The management board creates the framework for a trusting and appreciative working environment for employees, customers, and partners.
  • The management board ensures a profitable business model and a sustainable company.
  • The management board ensures a healthy balance between employee orientation, customer orientation, and profitability.

Dealing with Each Other

  • Trust and mutual appreciation are the basis of our cooperative work.
  • We value honesty, openness, and transparency.
  • Equality is a matter of course for us, we regard diversity as a strength.
  • We promote a feedback culture and consider mistakes as an opportunity to grow together.
  • We support each other, because great achievements result from teamwork.

“Weak organizations hire
the right experience to do the job.

Strong organizations hire
the right person to join their team.”

Simon Sinek