Non-disclusure Agreement for Visitors

The visitor commits himself/herself to the company
 AVENYR GmbH, Berta-Höchendorfer-Str. 23 82140 Olching, Germany
to maintain confidentiality for the following 20 years in accordance with the following regulations.

All oral, written and in rem information is to be treated as strictly confidential. The visitor undertakes not to disclose or make available to third parties any information and data from projects of AVENYR GmbH. Furthermore, the visitor may not disclose the nature and scope of the business relationship to third parties or advertise it without express written permission. This applies in particular to other customers of AVENYR GmbH. Insofar as the visitor must call in assistants, the same obligation shall be imposed on them.

The visitor acknowledges that photography and recording are absolutely prohibited on all AVENYR GmbH premises. The visitor further undertakes to treat all documents such as records, minutes, etc. and all written notes with care and to dispose of or store them in such a way that they are protected from inspection by third parties but are available to AVENYR GmbH at all times.
If, as a result of a breach by the visitor of the obligations imposed by this contract, information in embodied, oral or other form is disclosed to unauthorized third parties, the visitor shall be obliged to reimburse AVENYR GmbH in full for the damage incurred.